Our Pricing Policy


Affordable expertise

We are Sound and not Price motivated.

Our priority is to provide a quality service supported by first-class levels of excellence and expertise at competitive prices. We do not sell our hearing aids on the basis of cost alone. We take all the factors necessary to make hearing care work at its very best for our clients.

We are never knowingly undersold, and if you are able to find a comparable quote in terms of hearing aids and service, we will promise to meet the price (terms and conditions apply).

Unlike some of our competitors we offer all types and styles of hearing aids from recognized manufacturer categories. These are generically described as budget or economy, medium and premium level ranges. We do not "own brand" cheap hearing aids and retail them as high quality premium instruments. With Mills & McKinney, what you pay for is what you get.

Our prices start at around £1,000 for a single aid through to £5,938 for two hearing aids with remote control and FM or Bluetooth connectivity and assistive devices.

We have a transparent and fair discount scheme for both existing and new clients. More information is available upon application.

Full Written Quotations

Full written quotations are made available following assessment. All instruments are initially fitted on a trial of at least 30 days*, with review appointments provided free of charge during this trial period and annually. If we, or you, are not wholly satisfied with the instruments fitted at the end of this period you may return to them to us and end the trial, or we can trial a different instrument based on our assessment of your change in needs.

*Not applicable to Paediatric or Cochlear Implant clients. Full payment for the hearing instruments is required at the time of fitting.

Methods of Payment

We accept all major Debit and Credit Cards, Cheque, Cash, BACs (Direct Bank Transfer) and PayPal. Please request an email invoice if paying by PayPal.

Guarantor or sponsored payment must be accompanied by a Letter of Guarantee prior to the service delivery.

Medical Insurance generally do not pay any part of hearing aids or assessment for hearing aids. They do not pay for any consumable items such as Splash Protectors. They may pay for Tinnitus assessment and therapy, hearing and other diagnostic tests. If you intend to claim any part of your treatment under Medical Insurance you must provide us with your Insurer’s name, membership number and authorisation number or code BEFORE treatment. It cannot be performed retrospectively. You will be liable for any shortfall in payment by the Insurer.

Finally, whilst we welcome clients with Hearing Aids fitted elsewhere they are not eligible to access any services without charge, whatever contractual agreement they may have entered into with the original dispenser or supplier.