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We fit premium digital hearing aids and take enormous pride in our dedicated and personalised service. More
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Our goal is to provide you with the best possible hearing service to support your hearing needs.
Hearing Aid Accessories
We supply every accessory to accompany your hearing instruments.
Hearing Aids

We are Sound and not Price motivated.

We choose the hearing aids that best suit your lifestyle, hearing loss, and any medical needs - not the ones that provide us with the biggest profit margin!

We supply every accessory to accompany your hearing instruments, including:

  • Batteries in all sizes.
  • Custom made ear moulds.
  • Disposable ear tips and tubes.
  • Wax prevention kits & wax guards.
  • Dehumidifier kits.
  • Cleansing wipes & care kits.
  • Swim protector and ear mould cream.
  • Hearing protector filters.
  • Microphone filters.

If we don't have what you require in stock, please ask us and we will be happy to order it for you.